Tuesday, April 29, 2008

So we all set out for a quick weekend adventure, not really knowing what to expect!

Turns out we all Meaning...The Zettlers (which is a close group of friends with combined last names) had one of the best camp trips anyone could hope for, for the first trip of the year.
Once all the kinks were worked out things went pretty well and we settled in for an Adventure.

For the Jeep Patriot it was good and then not so good, but I had to test her new abilities and see what I was going to get.
We pretty much covered about 515 miles of road including kick butt off road action. I came to realize that it's always good to NOT run out of gas ha ha. I figured I was good until the next stop after Price well, come to find out there really is no other stop.


Once our convoy arrived at the park we began to explore camp grounds and river beds and I realized I was tick off of being completely out of gas, so we headed to the ranger station where they said the next town was about 30 miles out. I decided to push the limits of Jeep gas efficiency to see just how far we could get. Just outside the park my gas light came on and I started to sweat, but thanks to brilliant engineering that turns on your gas light before you actually run out lol I made it to town filled up the thirsty beast and breathed a huge sigh of relief. (Lesson learned... Make sure you have enough gas, fill up at every chance)

Back inside the park we found our little nest tucked into the cliff's and set up camp.
First we took the edge off with a round of yummy tummy warming beverage and began climbing rocks exploring the camp ground and geared up for some awesome campsite grub.
The sun was set all the stars were out, the weather was perfect, and our bellies were full who could ask for more. It was awesome to be out with mother nature and a break from the grind of daily life.

The next morning we ate like kings (Which we did the whole time) and set out to explore the park for the day. We ran around the goblin shaped rock formations for a few hours and had a blast. I have a little Chihuahua named Meadow, She is full grown and barely three lbs. She had the time of her life cruising around making little dirt plifs under her paws and bouncing around I was shocked to see what a good little hiker she was. Oh and my brother decided it would be fun to dye her green just a few days before so that was pretty funny some of the other hikers really enjoyed it. We called her the Green Goblin.

We made Everything-Bagels with cottage cheese swiss cheese, sprouts, ham, turkey, all the dressings and just about whatever you could squeeze into the bugger and chowed down, hungry from the morning adventures.
Now it's time to get serious about some ongoing horse shoe tittles Which I earned fair and square and kept ha ha just to rub it in. So we cracked the top's sliced the limes and let the games begin. Victorious i was.

Jeremy and Lindsey decided some off road action would be fun so Britt and I followed suit and the next thing you know Jeremy and I were pole positioning through the sand and mud having a blast. Got myself into some sticky spots and launched a little to hard off one the berms. Woop's now I need some muffler repair. (Thats Ok the Jeep is undergoing re constructive surgery to give her more ground clearance). And she made me proud :)